About Us

 Robert Avila

Owner, Graduate Gemologist

Robert is the owner and president of Constantine Creations which he founded in 1986. His vast experience has been traveling to Brazilian mines, to trade shows nationwide over the past thirty years, to dealing with wholesale and retail clients. He has a niche for design, rare and exotic gemstones, and unique wedding sets. Our clients are treated like family. When you deal with Robert, you will learn something new and it will be a great experience. Robert believes and knows God has blessed us with Constantine Creations.

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 Michael Sideri

Sales & Marketing

Michael has been a Sales & Marketing consultant here at Constantine for over four years. He mainly specializes in our online sales and website, along with all things technology. When he’s not running our social media, Michael continues to build his knowledge on Men’s Jewelry and customer service for our business.

 Anthony Avila

Marketing & Jewelry Design
Anthony is focusing on marketing and organization at the shop, he is also part of the social media team as well, keeping Robert's newest designs online and available for all to see. Anthony has experience in customer service and looks to sharpen his skills while continuing to grow at Constantine Creations with his dad, Robert leading the way.

 Matthew Avila

Online Sales & Social Media Marketing

Matthew is in his third year at Constantine Creations and manages organization and marketing within the business. You will see Matthew a lot on our social media videos and at yearly trade shows. He has enhanced his skills in sales and customer service as he continues to learn from his dad, Robert.

 Doreen Cohen

 Designer & Sales Associate

Doreen has been with Constantine Creations for over 15 years with over 37 years of retail sales experience. Doreen prides herself in knowing and handling different aspects of jewelry business from sales, customer service, trade shows, and office management.